Jo Caldwell ‘s GALLERY
Solstice  30” x 40”
Wild and Earthy  40” x 30”
California Icon  36” x 36”
The White Clock  36” x 36”
Self in Satin  30” x 24”
In Perfect Harmony  40” x 30”
The Romantics  30” x 40”  Sold
Inner Space  30” x 40”
Wicker Moon  36” x 36”
Tulips and Driftwood  36” x 36”
The Yellow Ball  24” x 24”
The Sand Hill    58" x 39"
Madonna of the Roses  20” x 24”
Intimacy  40” x 30”  Sold
Sunrise at Boot Pond   24” x 24”
Summer Heat   50” x 36”
Rock Face   24” x 30”
Primal Space  40” x 30”
The Playing Field   57” x 70”
The Bronze Dog  36” x 36”
Elysian Fields  30” x 40”
Back to Back  30” x 40”
Bette  36” x 36”
The Techie  30” x 24”
Number 13   36” x 60“  Sold
Two Dogs and the Sea  36” x 48”
Golden Pears  30” x 40”
The Headstone  30” x 40”
Iconic Palava   48” x 35”
 Two Limes in a Black Bowl   36” x 48”
A Matter of Consent  48” x 36”
Double Image  48” x 60”
Patterns of Discourse  36” x 48”
Apparition   24” x 24”  Sold
Summer at the Beach  24” x 30”
In the Measure of Things  24” x 30”
Cardiff Beach  14” x 18”
Primal Cry. 30” 24”
Out With the Tide   24”x 30”
Sun Bleached.  23” x 24”
Reflections   30” x 24”
Family Portrait  44” x 54”
I look at the world with its melanin consciousness and its differentiations between male and female and I think what is it all about?  So I play in a subversive way with these strange codings while building  personal fantasies about what really exists and then I break the codes in subliminal ways.              
I grew up in a pine forest in New England and studied oil painting at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. There I was trained in the exacting European traditions brought by artists who fled from Europe and its nightmares. I was wrenched from this life of creativity to live in virtual isolation for many years in a Quaker community in the jungles of Costa Rica. During that time I immersed myself in literature, philosophy and social conceits.
Art was not only the central gift of my childhood but put me on a path that eventually led me to earn a BA in 1988 from UCSD, followed by an MFA from Cal State Fullerton - where I taught a class in Beginning Painting in the fall of 1993.
Essentially my work is about people, their appearance, their confusions, their inability to be at peace. Man and his ability to reason and make choices is the standard and root of all art, whether figurative or abstract.
I have exhibited in juried and invitational exhibitions in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. My work has been in juried exhibits in the Galleria OtraVez. the San Diego Museum of Fine Arts,  the California Center for the Arts, the Oceanside Museum of Art, and in invitational exhibitions at the Downey Art Museum, the Irvine Fine Arts Center, MiraCosta College and Southwestern College.
                                       Copyright 2014